Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bonus: Nails!

Also last week, I painted my nails with Essie's "Navigate Her". I will never say that I'm a manicurist, but I do love having my nails painted. Plus, I'm going through this whole "I can do it myself to save some money" phase so I've been doing at-home manicures. I love the formula that Essie has. The only con is since exploring different nail polish companies, I've realized that I prefer the wide brush rather than the more conventional sized brushes. I can get my whole nail polished in two swipes which makes the whole process shorter and easier!

I used the Essie, "No Chips Ahead" top coat as well. It's a pretty decent top coat but I'm looking explore the others in their collection.

New Revlon Lip Butters!

I could live and die by these Revlon Lip Butters. Depending on the shade they can be so pigmented like a lipstick or sheer like a nice lip balm or gloss. Either way, they have shades for all skin tones and the formula is great. It goes on smooth and creamy and you can't beat that!

Recently while at Target, I noticed that they had them on sale for $6 so I picked up a few. Three from the new Spring collection and one older one. I know that places like Walgreens and Ulta have better deals but hey, when in Rome...

From left to right: Juicy Papaya, Wild Watermelon, Sorbet and Candy Apple.
From left to right: Candy Apple, Sorbet, Wild Watermelon and Juicy Papaya.

As you can see the pigmentation varies but they are buildable. They have mixed qualities of a gloss and balm which is what I like the most about them. I can appreciate a good matte lipstick every now and then but I love my lips to have a shine about them!

Hope you guys enjoy this post!

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Okay guys, if you havent heard of this website you are absolutely losing in life. It's for people just like you and I. You receive free items to review and talk about on social media. I mean hello, that sounds amazing to me!! The best part about it is everything is completely FREE! No seriously, there's no way they could charge you, they don't ask for any type of personal information except for your interests, likes and your address (so they can mail you the stuff duh!)

I've participated in three of their programs so far. The first one was the Holiday VoxBox which was mailed out in December of 2012.
I got a Goody Brush, Quaker "Real Medleys" Oatmeal, Kiss Nail Art stickers, Montange Jennesue Chocolate Face Mask, NYC lip gloss and a sample of EBoost. 

Just recently I was invited to be a part of two separate but equally great programs. The first was the Sony program. All I needed to do was go to my local Sony store, snap a shot of the new Bluetooth speaker in the store and post it to social media site. 
Here's an example of what you had to do. You just send this screenshot in to Influenster and BAM! You've just been selected to receive a new speaker retailed at $69.99

Lastly, the most recent program I was selected to be a part of was the Aveeno POSITIVELY RADIANT Intensive Night Cream program. First, they sent an email with a survey to ask you a couple of questions about your skin and then if you're selected you get another email letting you know. Within a week or two your package arrives and you can begin to indulge in your newest addition to your bathroom. 

This was retailed at $16 bucks and it's function is to even out your skin tone, fix blotchiness, brown spots and to of course moisturize it. They even added in this little sleep mask. So far I've been using it and I like how it makes my skin feel. I do have a few acne scars which are brown so I don't know if they are counting that as a brown spot but I sure do hope so because I would love to see those fade. For some reason I hate using fade cream because it's an extra step and I'm already lazy so if this can do it along with all the other things it claims, they've got a winner. Plus, I've been a fan of Aveeno products for a while anyways. Their products always seem to have a calming affect on my skin. 

Something to remember when signing up for Influenster is that your activity is key. You should make sure that you stay active on the website by doing reviews and making sure your Influenster score goes up and up! Invite some friends, take pictures of your products, post them on social media and reap the benefits of having a voice in the consumer world! 

Check out some of my reviews and give them a thumbs up while you're at it :) : My Reviews!

My First Ipsy Glam Bag!

So due to YouTube, I've recently discovered the whole subscription box life. I did my research, looked up all of the different subscription services and finally decided on the Ipsy Glam Bag. For $10 a month you get a bag sent to your doorstep full of deluxe and full sized samples enveloped in a cute little travel makeup bag. This April was my first time receiving a bag and I was uber excited to see what was inside.

This months theme was Pretty in Pink.

This is the packaging it came in. How exciting??
 These are the cards that are enclosed in the package. One of them shows you which products you've received with discount codes for the products and brands while the other one was a discount code for a ticket to "Generation Beauty."
 This is an overview of the products I got...minus the speed stick in the back. LOL.
The first product I opened was a full-sized blush from Be A Bombshell Cosmetics in the shade "Beach Please". If you know me, you know I love the name.  
 This is a swatch of it with the flash on.
 Here's a swatch with the flash off.
The next item was a duo eyeshadow by Two Cosmetics in the shade "Heartache"
These are the swatches of those two colors. One is a really shimmery pink and the other is a darker pink. Neither one of them show up well on my skin tone though. 
Here is another full-sized product: Sation Nail Lacquer in "Of Corset I'll Call You" I'm really excited about using this color because I'm a fan of the soft pinks for nail polish. 
Here's another line I've been pining to use. I've always seen these Healthy Sexy Hair or the Big Sexy Hair products in Target or Ulta but I never actually picked them up to use. So I'm really anxious to slap some of this on my hair. 
Hope you guys enjoyed seeing what came in my April Ipsy Glam Bag! 


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