Sunday, January 12, 2014

Being Mary Jane presented by Revlon Event!

Everybody who knows me knows that I love Mara Brock Akil, her epicness and everything that she creates and touches is gold! She's hit another goldmine with Being Mary Jane, BET's first original scripted drama.

BET teamed up with Revlon and created a promo tour that everybody should do now! They traveled across the country giving out free mini-manis, chances to win great prices and most exciting of all FREE MAKEUP! Yeah, I know, what can I do with more makeup? But it's so exciting that I couldn't pass up the offer. My friend Cheyne' and I went to support Akil Productions and to check out the event.

New Shea Moisture Products! + a Braid Out.

Shea Moisture has this new line out that I had to try. One, because I love Shea Moisture. Two, I was looking for some new shampoos and conditioners to try out and three, this stuff smells soooooo good. It's the Shea Moisture Tahitian Noni and Monoi Smooth & Repair line. 

I purchased three of their products: The Conditioning Shampoo, Rinse-Out Conditioner and the Weekly Treatment. 
Oddly, the Weekly Treatment is a before you shampoo type of thing. You also have the option of doing it on dry or wet hair. It just seemed weird to do it on dry hair so I wet my hair up and applied it throughout my hair.

 I really don't know if I have heat damage or not because I don't know what my hair looked like wet when I was little. My mom was always quick to blow-dry my hair and flat iron it. It wasn't until I was in high school and started doing my own hair that I noticed I had a slight wave pattern. So this picture below is what my hair looks like wet. 

 After about 40 minutes of being under the dryer I got from up under that thang! This is what it looked like after wards. 

 Then I went in with the Shampoo and Conditioner and once again this is what my hair looked like. 

 Then I went through a dilemma of whether or not I was going to flat iron my hair. I decided I didn't want to and to just do a braid out. A lazy braid out might I add. I don't have the type of rollers that you can put at the end of a braid so I just let it go free lol. This is actually the morning after...

 ...and this is what I got! 

I wasn't really feeling it but my family all came over that day and were complimenting me on my hair so I guess it wasn't too bad. Usually if I want to do a braid out I'll just cornrow my hair back so I decided to try something new. 

Until next time....

<3 -B. 

Brush Cleaning!

So I'm an avid watcher of YouTube videos whether it be comedy, music videos, or which might be my favorite, BEAUTY VIDEOS! So I've gotten a few tips from assorted videos about washing my cosmetic brushes and kind of meshed them all together and made them into my own routine. 
 I use a compilation of items. 
  • L'oreal's Power Moisture Hydrating Shampoo I use this for its soap properties. It's also a hydrating shampoo so it won't dry my brushes out. 
  •  HEB Brush Cleaner, I used this because it's clearly a Brush Cleaner. This is more of a spot cleaner though for when you just want to get a color off a brush for another use. 
  • Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil Coconut Oil has a lot of great uses. Sometimes I use this to take my makeup off with a cotton pad. It works exceptionally well for my face so I figured it would do great with the brushes. 
  • HEB Rubbing Alcohol. We all know that alcohol kills germs and I have acne prone skin. I need to make sure whatever bacteria or germs that have found their way to my brushes gets the Irreplaceable treatment and gets sent to the left! 

 I pour all of my ingredients into a cup and create my concoction. I mix it all with a spoon and begin my cleaning process. I dip my brush in, use the ridged sides of the cup to help agitate the makeup buildup in the brush. Then, I take my brush and place it under running water to get all the suds and excess makeup out and lay it on a towel for them to dry! 

I used the drying time to clean out my makeup drawer in my bathroom. It's just a recycling bin of things I don't need or don't use anymore. I suggest you do the same because you get to create space for all the new goodies you've been dying to get! 

Happy Cleaning Y'all! 

<3 -B! 

Happy New Year!

First and foremost, Happy New Year to whoever comes across this blog post! I hope you all had a good 2013 and are preparing to have a great 2014. I know that for me I had a lot of highs and lows in 2013 and I'm ready to go on a new adventure with 2014. 

Secondly, I want to say that no matter if no one reads this post or I get a thousand hits, I still want to blog about things I feel just. Whether it be somewhere I've been or something new I've tried out, I want to share! 

I have taken a lot of pictures of things I've done and new products I've bought, received and tried out. So the next few individual posts will consist of those types of posts! 

Have a safe, healthy, blessed and prosperous 2014! 

<3 -B