Sunday, January 12, 2014

Brush Cleaning!

So I'm an avid watcher of YouTube videos whether it be comedy, music videos, or which might be my favorite, BEAUTY VIDEOS! So I've gotten a few tips from assorted videos about washing my cosmetic brushes and kind of meshed them all together and made them into my own routine. 
 I use a compilation of items. 
  • L'oreal's Power Moisture Hydrating Shampoo I use this for its soap properties. It's also a hydrating shampoo so it won't dry my brushes out. 
  •  HEB Brush Cleaner, I used this because it's clearly a Brush Cleaner. This is more of a spot cleaner though for when you just want to get a color off a brush for another use. 
  • Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil Coconut Oil has a lot of great uses. Sometimes I use this to take my makeup off with a cotton pad. It works exceptionally well for my face so I figured it would do great with the brushes. 
  • HEB Rubbing Alcohol. We all know that alcohol kills germs and I have acne prone skin. I need to make sure whatever bacteria or germs that have found their way to my brushes gets the Irreplaceable treatment and gets sent to the left! 

 I pour all of my ingredients into a cup and create my concoction. I mix it all with a spoon and begin my cleaning process. I dip my brush in, use the ridged sides of the cup to help agitate the makeup buildup in the brush. Then, I take my brush and place it under running water to get all the suds and excess makeup out and lay it on a towel for them to dry! 

I used the drying time to clean out my makeup drawer in my bathroom. It's just a recycling bin of things I don't need or don't use anymore. I suggest you do the same because you get to create space for all the new goodies you've been dying to get! 

Happy Cleaning Y'all! 

<3 -B! 

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