Saturday, June 15, 2013

Broadway imPRESS Press On-Nails!

Growing up, I used to dream of the day I could finally get my nails professionally done. But until then, I was begging my mother every month to take me to Eckerds and Walgreens so I could purchase press on nails. It was everything for me to pick out the cute designs and pull the tabs off or place them on the nail and give myself a manicure. I used to think I was hot stuff.

Now, Broadway has made press-on nails fashionable, easy and affordable. When I received these to test out from Influenster I was on the fence. I mean using press-on nails was a thing of the past for me. But one night I got bored and decided to finally test them out. I laid the nails out and figured out which ones fit each of my nails. Then, I peeled the paper-backings off and began to apply. Simple. I was done within 10 minutes. The best part was I didn't have to leave home for salon style nails.

The fit was great. The color was bright and loud--just like I like my nail polishes. The nails actually stayed on for a long time (about a week) which is what really surprised me! The ones I had used prior to usually popped off by the end of the day. Some of them were a little loose at the cuticle by the third/fourth day but they hadn't come off completely and even when I decided to take them off, they were still holding on for dear life which to some people may be a con but I decided to look at it as they were long-lasting.

Bottom line, I recommend if you're in a hurry and need a quick nail fix, for under 10 bucks go to the nearest drug store and pick up a box of Broadway's imPRESS Press On Nails!

Follow them on Twitter: @BwayNails, go directly to their website to see different styles and more product info at: and don't forget to check out Influenster

A few flicks:

I think the packaging is cute. A whole manicure in the shape of a nail polish bottle. Which is also great if you want to store the extra nails for those just-in-case emergencies. 

Nice length and they fit perfectly to my small nails!

I thoroughly enjoyed them. 

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